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If you are looking for all the LunaCross Answers and Solutions then you have come to the right place. A brand new word puzzle game by the creators of CodyCross and other hit games, Fanatee Inc. Luna Cross is a crossword puzzle game with a twist. You are basically given a crossword-like grid and you have to correctly find all the anagrams hidden behind each letter. Hundreds of puzzles for you to enjoy and keep your brain sharp. Our team has dedicated this website to all LunaCross Answers, Cheats and Solutions so in case you get stuck on a specific level look no further because we update this page frequently with the latest LunaCross Answers and Solutions. This game is not released yet however we do believe it will be released during the Christmas / New Year period and will be available for both iOS and Android devices. The first official languages will be Portuguese (Brazilian) and English (US) and then in the upcoming updates we will see new languages added.

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About LunaCross

Every single day you will be given 2 different game modes, Morning Missions and Evening Missions, each containing 3 different puzzles for you to solve and enjoy. Each puzzle will contain hints aka clues. In addition to other crossword puzzle games, on this game the letters will be given and you have to drag and drop to form the correct answers from the anagrams given. In this way the developers have made sure that there will be thousands of handpicked levels for you to enjoy while keeping your brain sharp. LunaCross is the perfect pocket-size game available on any device (iOS and Android).